Creative Business Ventures LLC is a family-oriented business consulting partnership. When our efficacious clients contact us for our services, they know that they can expect value-driven and timely results. We offer start-up companies 5-20 page original Business Plans and offer more established companies 5-20 hours of Project Management.  

Risk Management

We take a research-driven approach to guiding our clients through prospective ventures while maintaining the trajectory of their long term vision. Whether your company is on year one or year 100, our methods will encourage minimization of debt, profit-centered investments, and tailor made campaigns created to prioritize your ideal target market. 


  • Fashion Retail

  • Entertainment

  • Food and Beverage

  • Construction

  • Wellness

  • Art and Design


For an annual term you may adopt one of our partners onto your advisory board. Within this subscription you will receive quarterly reviews as well as monthly evaluations which can be live via teleconference or delivered to your email address. Subscriptions are pending until accepted by a partner.